Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Exile Avengers: Machine Man

Machine Man

Horribly maimed while performing a weapons demonstration in Iraq, Tony Stack was kidnapped and held hostage. Forced to construct a bomb by his captors, Stack instead built a full-body prosthesis, using it to flee captivity.

Arriving back in the United States, most of his body succumbing to gangrene and infection, Stack was forced to take more drastic measures, having his arms and legs amputated and replaced with cybernetics. His deterioration progressing more with time, Tony was forced to replace more and more of his body with cybernetic prosthetics.

Now more machine than man, Tony's sole remaining piece of organic matter is his brain, housed in a metallic chassis. He is the Machine Man, and filled with useful devices.

I'll probably redo this drawing later, because eugh, it's bad.

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