Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Exile Avengers: Spider-Man

So, there's this Marvel comic called Exiles. If you're reading this you're probably familiar with it, but long story short, it's about a bunch of superheroes pulled from various alternate/parallel worlds, who have to work together as a team, despite being from wildly disparate realities. A while back I was just kind of riffing on what I'd do with the concept, who'd be on my Exiles team, who they'd fight, what the team dynamic would look like, and so on. I wound up being a bit taken with the idea, so this week I'm going to be posting sketches of each character, along with a bit of background information. And after that, maybe I'll do a little something else with the idea.

The Spider-Man

A brilliant chemist and inventor, Peter Parker was about to enter the annals of scientific history, following the discovery of subatomic particles capable of causing people and objects to grow or shrink. Celebrating the discovery of these "Parker Particles" in Central Park with his family, his life was forever changed when a violent gang shooting erupted nearby, and his mother, father, aunt, and uncle were gunned down in the crossfire.

Swearing vengeance against the criminal underworld, Peter has since embarked on a lethal one-man war against crime. Having never learned that with great power comes great responsibility, he continues to spiral downward, his Parker Particles further deteriorating his already frail mental state. On his world, Peter Parker is neither amazing nor spectacular.

He's just the Spider-Man, menace of New York City's underworld.

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